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Technologies we love

This is where we celebrate tech, both what we have, and what we want!

We develop over a wide variety of platforms, our knowledge and experience goes back to the dawn of the internet, so you can be assured which ever technology we prescribe, will be the winning solution for you.


The number 1 Cloud All in One Service provider. The Pistachio team can assist your organisation from simple 5 people organisations all the way to multi national Netsuite One World Accounts. Whichever your platform, our team have you covered.


Australia's leading small business software for All in one cloud accounting. This product combined with the skills end expertise of Pistachio , your business will exceed your wildest expectations


By far the number 1 app platform in the world today, our team have been developing apps since the release of the first IOS SDK in 2008, you can be assured our team can build any app that you can imagine.


With the worlds biggest user base, the Android platform continues to growing at a dramatic rate. The Pistachio team are well versed on the Android platform and can take your app from conception to completion in record time.


We design and build apps of all shapes and sizes. From simple apps to help small businesses communicate to their customers all the way to globally connected platforms that automate sales processes to keep businesses running 24/7.


The leading open source website creation tool on the internet today. With approximately 22% of the entire internet using Wordpress as back end of their sites.


A leading open source e-commerce platform from France. Pistachio have worked with this product for a number of years and have the ability to get your site going quickly.


A leading hosted e-commerce platform. Pistachio have assisted numerous clients get up and running using the Volusion Service.


The leading provider of hosted ecommerce solutions for small business. Our team can construct and train your organisation on how to run and maintain your shoppify webstore.

Amazon AWS

The worlds leading Cloud Infrastructure provider, The Pistachio team have been working with this evolutionary platform since it first launched. You can be sure your getting the right advice from the Pistachio Team.

Microsoft Azure

The open, flexible, enterprise platform from Microsoft. The Pistachio team of developers makes extensive use of this platform for our clients who require hosting for mission critical Microsoft based applications.


Our team is proud to have helped brands of all sizes take advantage of the digital space