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The individuals at Pistachio tend to be creative, intelligent STEM-types who are web-obsessed, detail-oriented, rubric-happy and nerdy. Maybe not the ideal lineup for a football team, but definitely the people you want handling your technology.

David Imrie

I've been writing code since I was a kid, and I have a passion for pulling together complicated technical issues and making everything run smoothly.

Recent goals: 1) Start a web development company full of smart, energetic, tech wizards all working together toward a common purpose. Check.

2) Devise a process for building affordable websites without sacrificing performance or quality. Check.

3) Create a life-size parallel universe, built completely out of Lego. Still Pending.

Yep... I'm a bit of a square

Chris Mees

I am a problem solver (stubborn streak) who is especially good at coming up with solutions for things they said couldn't be done.

I love to build things. Computers. Web solutions. Fast cars and bikes.

The team believes I had a hand in building the Egyptian pyramids but it's just a rumor. (True, I started the rumor, but I never thought they'd go for it!)

If it pertains to sound, music, music production, acoustics or anything audio, I'm all over it like white on rice. Surprisingly, my ears are rather ordinary-looking

Andrew Moussi

I've been leading and managing enterprise software developments for the last 17 years. My role here at Pistachio is all about ensuring the client gets a truly valuable enterprise solution for their organisation. My goal here is to make sure the software never sleeps, and keeps your business running 24/7.

I eat, sleep and breath business, so reach out and let's have a chat


When I was six I used to run around the house wearing a cape, aka bath towel, righting injustice wherever I found it.

Fast forward a number of years and I now handle legal matters for Pistachio.

Although I'm not as creative as the rest of the bunch, I do consider myself to be the most stylish. I do wear a scarf well.

I'm one of those people with only one name. Kinda like Seal. Just not as famous, or maybe I am. I'll let you figure that one out.

Siyas Pari

I have an exceptional love for design. I'm good at it and it's my passion—especially designing killer logos.

It's a great feeling to come up with a look that the client hadn't asked for, but that he/she ends up being crazy about.

I think I'm easy to work with, and easy to get along with. I don't have a big ego. Except that right now it sounds like I have a huge ego, because all I've said so far is how great I am and now I'm out of time. Oh well.

Jacqui Rinderer

They call me the approachable one, the wise one or the translator. My special skills are around translating the technical babble that the team speak into truly human terms.

After 25 years in various industries, its fair to say I've deveoped a finely tuned set of skills

I do this with such style and flair that the most nerdiest of things translates into things us normal people understand.

Masood Anwardekker

I'm excellent with Java and Business Logic. To me this is simple stuff. Like riding a bike. Down a hill. (But not a scary hill. More like a gradual incline with lots of interesting scenery.)

Here's a glimpse of my wild side: I never wear a helmet when I work.

Simon Donellian

Designer, Coder, Monkey. I got this title by handling a number of projects on my lonesome. One day I got in the zone and designed a site with a very large number of pages (I'm not telling how many) in a very short amount of time (not telling how short) and the client loved every page.

I can't give the real time frame here, because my workload might mysteriously triple, and that's not the kind of pace a person can maintain. Let's just say it's one of my secret skills.


Our team is proud to have helped brands of all sizes take advantage of the digital space